DW Konferenz 2017

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Regensdorf

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TDWI Zürich 2017

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20th – 21st November 2017, Mövenpick Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf, Switzerland
Organizer: TDWI Europe

We invite you to apply for presenting at the DW 2017 conference in Zurich. Share your experience and knowledge with the European TDWI community.
The DW2017 Conference will cover a wide range of presentations, seminars, and educational programs. Contributions covering a broad spectrum of disciplines in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are very welcome and contribute to our idea to link people and to exchange knowledge.
The following topics are appreciated, but contributions are not limited to:

BI Strategy, Management, and Organization:

•    Agile BI
•    BI and Data Governance
•    BI Lifecycle Management 
•    BI Project Management / BI Process Management
•    BI Strategy
•    Business Driven BI
•    Business Cases calculation for BI/Big Data
•    Change Management
•    Ethics, Trust and Legal Aspects of BI
•    Industry templates
•    New roles and required capabilities of BI or Big Data experts (Data Scientist, …)
•    Organization of BI / BICC / Business Analytics Competence Center
•    Role of BI/Big Data in the process of a Digital Transformation
•    Sourcing and Shoring Concepts
•    Standardization and Industrialization

Data Management:

•    Handling of un- and polystructured data (Big Data Management)
•    Data Integration
•    Data Lake
•    Data Modelling
•    Data Quality and Data Quality Management
•    Data Security Management
•    Data Vault Modeling
•    Data (Warehouse) Virtualization
•    Data Warehouse Automatization
•    ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)
•    Master Data Management
•    Meta Data Management
•    Self Service Data Preparation
•    Streaming Data
•    Open Data

Business Analytics and Applications:

•    Advanced Analytics (Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Prescriptive Analytics)
•    Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing
•    BI User domains (e.g. Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Government Intelligence, Compliance Warehouse, Production DWH, Controlling Applications, Governance-Compliance-Risk Solutions)
•    Business Activity Monitoring / Process Mining
•    BI and Collaboration
•    Concept orientated BI-Systems (e.g. Balanced Scorecards, Planning, Budgeting)
•    Data Discovery
•    Enterprise Reporting
•    Natural-Language search / Natural-Language Question Answering
•    Location Intelligence / Geographical Information Systems
•    Operational BI in times of Industry 4.0
•    Quantified Me / Self-tracking
•    Social Analytics / Social CRM
•    Visual Analytics

Technology, Architecture, and Tools:

•    BI in the Cloud / BI on demand
•    Embedded BI
•    Spark/Hadoop Ecosystem
•    Database Technologies
•    Mobile BI / Location aware BI
•    Open Source BI
•    Real/Right Time Analytics
•    Stream and Event Data Processing
•    Software as a Service / BI as a Service
•    Self Service BI
•    Testing Methodologies and Tools

BI use cases in the financial industry

•    Dealing with Basel III or Swiss Solvency Test (SST)
•    Dealing with FINREP, IFRS9, BCBS 239, etc.
•    XBRL in a regulatory reporting environment
•    Campaign management and optimization, customer value identification
•    Design of BI processes for auditing requirements
•    Process monitoring and optimization (handling of transactions and claims)
•    References of BI solutions especially for banks and insurances
•    Risk identification, risk evaluation, risk simulation
•    Risk Warehouse
•    Special solutions for analysis and simulation in the financial industry
•    Impact of Blockchain on BI environments


TDWI conferences are a multivendor and independent event. We accept only vendor neutral proposals.
To meet the high expectations of our delegates and target groups, we kindly remind you to focus your presentation on your submitted topic.
Submissions of use cases and case studies of corporate users are very much appreciated and will be preferred in the consideration process. We ask consultants for submissions referring to real customer projects.

As a matter of course, please be aware to have just one slide about you and your represented company. We want to ensure comparable presentations of all speakers and to meet the event’s standard to deliver high quality content to the participants.
It is not permitted to include more slides outside the presentation’s subject area, especially information regarding you or your company.
We would appreciate receiving your presentation slides in advance of the conference. Please send all final presentations to Wolfgang.Reuter@sigs-datacom.de no later than 30 October, 2017.


The present evaluation criteria for submissions are:

•    Quality, expertise and depth of the submission
•    Relevance for the conference
•    Level of innovation
•    Overall impression


Please note that standard sessions at TDWI Zurich conference are
•    half-day seminars     (3h)
•    sessions    (45 or 90min)

We accept only vendor neutral proposals.
Seminars can be held in German or English language as
•    Basic Classes,
•    Advanced Classes, or
•    Professional Classes.


All proposals must include the following detailed information for consideration:
•    title of seminar reflecting the proposed contents
•    short descriptions of seminar content
•    detailed outline of the presentation or seminar content
(first draft of table of content/structure)
•    target audience
•    prerequisites
•    Level of difficulty (Basic, Advanced, Professional)
•    Short Bio of speaker/instructor
(opt. including educational experiences)


If you have a presentation or seminar that will be according to the mentioned requirements and you would like to submit a proposal, please use the online form only, which can be found here:

Choose: TDWI Zurich 2017

Please submit your proposal in the respective language of the seminar/session.
For further information please check:




Submission Deadline:     22nd June 2017
Notification:    August 2017


The final decisions regarding which proposals will be included in the DW2017 conference will not be made before the beginning of August. In some cases, we may contact you for additional information before making our final decision.
Thank you very much in advance for contributing to the success of DW2017 by submitting your proposal. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Please feel free to forward this call for papers to your colleagues.

In case of queries please contact:

Speaker Coordinator   
Wolfgang Reuter   
Lindlaustraße 2c   
53842 Troisdorf   
Tel.: +49 2241 2341 211  

TDWI Europe
Christoph Kreutz
Lindlaustraße 2c
53842 Troisdorf
 Tel.: +49 2241 2341 522

TRACK CHAIRS represented by
Prof. Dr. Carsten Felden

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (Sachsen)
Direktor, Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik
Professur für ABWL, insbes. IM/WI
Silbermannstraße 2
09599 Freiberg (Sachsen)
Tel.: +49 (0) 37 31 39 26 11